May 302018

I have a few tricks for making small spaces look larger, airier and extremely stylish.

1. A round coffee table works best in small spaces. It allows people to move freely, and it doesn’t matter if the table is not centered in front of the sofa.round table

2. Try painting horizontal lines on two walls with three different shades of white, alternating between flat, eggshell and glossy finishes. The shimmering walls add depth and expand the room.

3. Don’t be afraid to place a single chair opposite a door or window. This creates a sense of openness.

4. A painted ceiling will influence a room without interrupting the eye. Paint the ceiling pink to add warmth and surprise, or sky blue for a feeling of the outdoors. For a more dramatic effect, try gold or silver leaf.

5. Buy a colorful quilt, old or new. Stretch it over a frame like a painter’s canvas and hang it on a wall for an instant shot of pattern and color.

6. I love to paint floors. Use French blue, dark green, Chinese red or even black. If you’re feeling adventurous, stencil a border or an overall pattern in a darker shade or complementary color.

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