Misr Wat (Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew)

This is one of the most common family food in Ethiopia, easy made and very healthy, full of proteins if made right. Made right means leave the lentils or any pulses on water for a number of hours, I normally leave it the all night. It easier to cook and it is healthier in term of proteins. continue..

Red Lentil wat

How common is breast cancer?

A friend of mine send me this email: “I found a lump…

“I awoke with a slight pain in my left breast 4 days ago. [At first] I thought nothing of it, … [but then] I found a very distinct pea-sized lump.” So I gathered some answers:Breast Cancer

Q. How common is breast cancer? continue..

A few tricks for making small spaces look larger

I have a few tricks for making small spaces look larger, airier and extremely stylish.

1. A round coffee table works best in small spaces. It allows people to move freely, and it doesn’t matter if the table is not centered in front of the sofa.

2. Try painting horizontal lines on two walls with three different shades of white, alternating between flat, eggshell and glossy finishes. The shimmering walls add depth and expand the room. continue..




Should You Wear Shoes Indoors?

To wear or not to wear, that is the question — at least when it comes to bringing your street shoes into the house. Culturally, the consensus is divided. Keeping on your shoes is common practice in many Western cultures, while it’s unheard of in

many Asian cultures, sometimes for religious reasons, here in Ethiopia mulims mostly take off their shoes. continue..